Better India… The Purpose, The Need, The Journey…

(Hello Everyone, this is my first post. Subjective and objective criticism are welcome.)

Change is inevitable. Not only is this common knowledge but this is a universal truth. Accepting it or not, does not change it. So, I am not going to try to prove / disprove it. Disbelievers and pessimists can think about it. Denying it or the unwillingness to change only puts one in a dark hole (or a fool’s paradise). It is truth that India needs to change, not just in one but several areas. In every way that would help the living standards 1.21 billion (source: Wikipedia) people.

Before I get into the specifics, I should acknowledge that there are many good things about India viz., the family oriented culture, the people, the food and so on. I should also agree to the fact that India has developed not just in one but in many ways. At the same time, this comes at a rate that is not enough to meet the basic needs of all its citizens. Now our much adored country is in the rubble. Half of our population is below the poverty line. There are millions who do not have and can not afford their basic needs. There is little or no infrastructure in many parts. To name a few poor roads, no proper water supply, lack of well equipped hospitals / clinics, and no electricity. There is power-cuts, traffic and open drainage everywhere. There are people who care. People who work towards changing this. Clearly this is not enough. Each one of us have to give back to the country which provides us the place to live. Now is the time to show our love for our nation.

We cannot lose hope. ‘Hope and Change’ the slogan of the Obama-2008 election campaign clearly wins. But what it does not say is that: in order for the change to be good, we need to act and act in the right way and direction. It requires more than just hope to develop oneself, let alone a nation. We need to act right and act now. But there is something very important that needs to be done before this, something that everybody knows is important but too busy to do. Think. Everyone of us are too wound up in what we are doing, we fail to stop for a moment to think, to think what we are doing, to think why we are doing, to think if it matters, to think if it creates a difference to anybody.

When the good is over-shadowed by the bad, it is time to find and eliminate them. So, I would like to mention a few obvious things, the little and the big which I consider major hurdles to the development of the nation:

1. One might more often use the excuse that he/she is too busy and does not have time. I would say, if you had the time to watch the cricket match or that favorite soap of yours, you have the time. You sure do have all the time to think about and do what is required for the development of this country.

2. The ‘chalta-hai‘ attitude. No nothing is chalta-hai if it hinders the progress of the nation. Yes, throwing that small piece of paper on the road hinders the growth of the nation. Every one of us have to be more serious and understand the seriousness of the issue. One might think, I am making a fuss. I guess I am, as I do not have a funny way to say it.

3. Vocal Pessimism. The ‘Nothing will change‘ saying. Yes nothing will change, for you, if you keep uttering those words. But everything will change, if you stop saying those and start acting relentlessly and unselfishly.

4. Blaming corrupt politicians and officials as a justified reason for the above mentioned pessimism. This is a hard one, it might even be genuine. I understand that corruption in India has reached never-before levels. But it is only an issue when you let it affect you.

5. This is a big one, probably the biggest after corruption. Tax-evasion. Using the excuse mentioned above as a reason. Finding loop-holes to do so. One should know that this leads to loss of billions of crores of rupees for the country, thereby preventing the much-needed infrastructure for the country.

6. Corruption. This is obvious and the biggest issue. In the light of the Bofors scandal, and the recent 2-G Scam, I can only be surprised at the extent to which the people with the power can be corrupt.  I would be a fool if I fail to take this seriously.  Frankly, I have no clue what one can do to stop this. I just hope that all the politicians in our country wake-up one day and realize the country is bigger than oneself and understand that they have the power to make these changes to make India a better place to live in.

7. Selfishness and Greed.  This I believe is the root-cause of issues 5 and 6. These two factors lead to all forms of treachery and hence the biggest of all. One must be crazy to believe loads of money and all the comforts. After all, how fast can you go in a Ferrari Enzo or a Bugatti Veyron on a road that is blocked by traffic or how luxurious can a Maybach  or a Rolce Royce be on a road filled with potholes. Maybe one has his ways. That is not the purpose of this blog. One has to understand that, to develop a nation, he/she has to be come over the small-minded satisfying pleasures the self and realize the country is bigger than oneself.

At the same time it has to be understood that making changes in a society which has been hardened on these issues cannot be made overnight or in weeks is crucial.  There has been plenty of excuses, finger-pointing, and bickering going to put us in a place where we are. It has not taken us anywhere.

The quote from Vinod Khosla “Try and fail, but do not fail to try. Every disadvantage in India is an opportunity to do something big” will be more apt here.  One must also understand that this is essential, think, plan, and act for the development of our country. Not once, not twice but hundreds of times as long as it is required.  We need to brush aside these minute hindrances keep trudging ahead. Only that will give the momentum we would need. Lets Go, India.

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