NBA Finals – 2012, What’s wrong with LeBron, D-Wade and the Heats !?!?!

They need no rotation, they need no awesome self-imposing coach, they need nothing. They have all it takes to win it. Yet they still lose again, why ? I reinstate. Yes nothing or none can beat the deadly LeBron / D-Wade except the crazy-detestable complacency that they posses. It is true they play best when their backs are against the wall. At the same time it is a loathsome attitude, that poses to be a debacle for this mighty Heat team.

We saw how D-Wade won the finals against the big D in 2006, Lebron single-handedly won many games with the Cavs and more recently in game 6 in Boston. It is only the thought that they don’t see the need to win each game, which came back to haunt them in the finals last year. It is time they understand that they could be fooled into the trap that they can play better only when ‘their backs-against-the-wall’ as they keep saying. They just have to come out that mirage, unleash the beasts-within and relish being dominant and invincible all the way, which they are.

I say the backs are already against the wall. It is a team that was built to win many championships. So let’s go do what was promised. Go do justice to the talent given and stop at nothing short.

Let’s Go King James. Let’s go D-Wade.

I will also have to agree that a little more discipline and management from the coaching staff could make this great team invincible. Come on Spoelestra, that was easily one of the worst game management I have ever seen in a NBA final. No player-rotation, same iso-play,  same pick and roll. It’s like Spo’s playbook has just 5 plays.

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