Global Warming a.k.a Reap What You Sow

Global warming has been here for a while now. We are feeling the heat and it is getting hotter as days go by. Longer summers and shorter winters are here. Yet, it is amazing how many politicians believe that it is a hoax. That is a different discussion for a different day.

The looming issue is an article “Chilling Effect: Relief in Every Window, but Global Worry Too” published today in the NYT. The article clearly points out the main source of the problem – the exponential rise of A.C. use in developing nations. It even goes to the extent of pointing out the solution – a technology developed by DuPont and Daiken. So the problem that remains is how do you regulate or enforce the use of a technology for the better of the world.

There is no question, immediate action is required to save the earth from its demise. The article also does its part in pointing out the goal to counter the problem, which is to stabilize HCFC emission by Jan 1 and reduce it by 2015. Knowing the solution is three-fourths battle won. But, it ain’t a victory unless we win the war. The war against global warming.

It is as important to look at the cause of this predicament as it is to counter it. This is a result of people of the developing nations quest for a better quality of life, close to the standards set by developing nations.  No question, the quality of life in developing nations is poor to o.k. at best.  As the UN chief for the Montreal Protocol and Chemicals Unit points out, it was not a problem when developed nations used the A.C., it is only a problem when the other nations have access to it. In addition it could be strongly reasoned that for the industrial revolution and subsequent current moving of all the manufacturing sector from developed nations as a result of stringent pollution reforms is one of the primary causes for the poor standard of living in these countries.

To summarize, the cause for the current climatic disaster the world is posed is due to the choices made by the powerful developed nation to aid their luxurious living. Unless, the developing nations choose to adopt this newer technology, it would be safe to say the life in earth will be extinct in another 50 years or so. It is only surprising to see that this much protected reality of theirs is now at the mercy of the choice of developing nations. The title would also be apt as “Global Warming: Revenge of the Sith” .

It is sad to see that most of the nations are caught up with war, sometimes even petty internal disputes to conquer, dominate and suppress. If only everyone could see what a miniscule act of love can do, this world a better place to live in.

“Eliminating global warming” should be the primary goal of every country. But, the developing nations, have so many immediate looming problems they can hardly focus on something that has its effects 50 years down the line. The developed nations have the capacity to eradicate the current dire-strait the world is faced-with, by installing this newer technology in every house of the developing nation at no cost at the least, if they want to continue to enjoy the privileges they have. In simple terms: help develop the part of the world, they destroyed previously.

As in the words of Maximus from Gladiator: “We have a better chance of survival, if we STAY TOGETHER.”

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