Understanding The Reason for Republicans Loss in the Presidential Elections and its Relevance to the Current Financial Crisis

It is important for the Republicans to know why they lost in this past presidential elections. It is important for John Boehner and the other Republicans in the house to know, as they could save this country from the looming “fiscal-cliff”.

Though a lot of news organizations,mostly run by the supporters of the Right wing, were ranting about how this was the year of the Republicans, they lost to the Democrats whose time wasn’t supposedly now. The only plausible, non-obvious (to Republicans) explanation to this oxymoron, put in one sentence, would be they thought this was the 1850’s. In other words, they are still in the past and forgot grow with the society. I am not trying to take-away the win from the Democrats. I mean, Obama dozed through a whole debate and still won the elections. Come-on, lets face it, the Republican’s were that bad. They either did not know what present-day issues are or they did not know the solutions to the issues or they did not care for the issues. All of the above equates only to failure.

Clearly the issue of the elections this year was the economy. We have to give credit to the fact that they got that part right. However their solution: “cut funding to all programs, let people starve ?” It is still strange to me, that Forbes whose bastion is supposedly how to make money, argue how Keynes would have done things differently than what the Obama and the Democrats are proposing to get off the “fiscal-cliff”, arguing for not raising the tax for the rich.

Even in other issues such as: “Gay marriage”, “Global Warming”, “Education” they got everything wrong. They don’t believe gay folks are people too. They don’t believe in Global warming. Romney during his campaign, even went to the extent to tell he wouldn’t do a darn thing to cut the burden for college-going kids raking up debt. All they were for is rich people and finding ways to give more tax breaks for them. Clearly they were out-of-touch with the majority and their problems. They did not know that the present society is inevitably interdependent. I am no financial expert, but some simple thinking tells me the following:

1. Not raising taxes = No money to govern = No government.

While a normal working man does not get any tax credits on his hard-earned paycheck, it is only fair for him to expect one who is making millions more to not get any tax credit. The only argument they make for not raising the taxes for the rich, will lead to reduction in the business = job losses. So they need tax breaks. Maybe it is only fair enough for the job creators to get some tax credits so they can create more jobs. This might sound very tempting as it is. The loop-hole that they do not talk about is most of the profits made by the rich are by employing fewer people or not employing cheap labor from outside the country. Kudos to the democrats for making this clear. Maybe they should make it clear, how many jobs one should create to get the tax break they want. Just to put some number should create a 1 million jobs if they want a tax break of 3%. Now it will not be just the working class working hard.

However, now since the Republicans control the house-majority. One must instill some common sense in them to support the fact that not extending the tax credits for the rich (from the Bush administration) will put more money into the government. The much-needed money to bail the government off the high debt that they are currently facing.

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