Mass killings, Parenting, Society, Love, and Kindness

Mass killings in the United States have dominated the past four months. First the mass murder at the theater in Aurora OR, then the temple in Oak Creek WI, Now the mass-killing in Newtown CT. It is heartbreaking and scary. This brings us to two most important issues. 1. Identify the reason for such tragedies, so that we can take measures to prevent it in the future. This brings us to the second issue 2. What measures could we take to prevent such tragedies in the future.

Life is such a wonderful thing and that is why we cherish it so much. Sometimes we get tangled up in the swarms of work, worries, and disappointments and we forget the preciousness, that is life in general. It is only when we add the personal possessive trait to the picture, it gets worse. Yes, we all want to be happy, live a good life. Sometimes one can hit the lowest point, sometimes the fall might be so steep where one can forget the gift of life. One might then resort to basic animal instincts or go crazy as one may put it. But that gives us no reason to take the happiness and some instances where one goes to the extent of taking others lives in the process. We humans are  much more than just animals, we have a mind to think and a heart to keep us in the right direction. But the breaking point is different for different people. It is the role of the society to make sure everybody else in the society stays above this breaking point and make sure everybody else gets the help that they might need. Maybe it is the influence of his mother had on this kid or maybe it is something else; we might not know the exact reason that got Adam Lanza to commit such a heinous act. This is when the concept of a family and society is really important. A child is the sole responsibility of a parent. The society might have played a minor part, by ignoring.

I will go ahead and say in quotes “Every act that a child commits is the sole responsibility of his / her parent.” It is only in the western culture, have I seen that in the process of figuring out ones happiness one can neglect his / her own child. I am not saying the way of bringing up one’s kid in the western culture is wrong. There are a multitude of things that I admire about it. But, what good is a parent or a society if he / she cannot be there for their kid when they need it the most ?

Today’s world places so much emphases on individuality and self-respect that it hurts. As someone said “Too much of anything is almost as good as nothing.” The role of a society on an individual is as important as is the role of the individual on the society. The deterioration of one individual will have an impact on its society. Again, what good is a society when it is not able to provide for its individual when he / she needs it the most. It is and will be hypocritical to ask for an individual to grow on his / her own. The society that is America might be one of the best and I have to say I do admire and revere it. It is able to provide free education for kids, healthcare, welfare to the poor and what not. Apart from the government provided healthcare and education, we have millionaires giving back. In addition, small act of kindness could go a long long way has been proven time and again from the “Caine’s Arcade” to “The 26 Acts of Kindness“. All though overwhelming, at times like these, it is important to remember the good that is in this society. I am not saying that these acts can bring the 26 lives, including 20 kids back to their parents and loved ones (May god help them to overcome the loss). This reminds us of the million other kids in some corner of the world who are hoping for a life.

So how could we avert such an incident in the future:

Yes gun control could be the only way to drastically reduce gun related murders by mentally volatile people. Maybe statistics might show that it has no effect on mass murders. But I believe it would make a difference. It is as simple as no or difficult access to weapons means no or difficult to complete violence involving weapons. It used to be here in the United States before. Yet for some reason it seems so daunting to bring it back. Maybe it involves industries that create jobs and pay taxes to the government. Kudos, to Obama for bringing the issue on the table and delegating it to Joe Biden. However that does not mean the solution is in the vicinity. It depends on the republicans in the house controlling as are many other things.

Until the congress reaches a consensus, A “band-aid solution” could be increasing security in every public place Schools, Theaters, Malls, Workplace, Churches, Temples everywhere. However the means implementing this is paramount for the security of this country. I am sure everybody would be willing to pay the extra buck for the security of their lives.

However the real solution, as mentioned before, would be: increasing the standards for living for the deprived would be a means to reducing the need for a crime. This is a difficult path to tread as everybody is different. I am not saying it is impossible, I am just saying it will take time. For it is not war but only love, and kindness that will take this world forward together.

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