Top Priorities for a Better World (

“Makkal Theerpae Mahesan Theerpu”, i.e., the judgement of the people is equivalent to God’s judgement. But, when it comes to what is good for our country and the world, it has been really difficult to reach consensus. This is changing, internet is making it possible. United Nations (via., is to get the voice of the people to support their top 6 priorities. Priorities are categorized. My top priorities based on what I think my country (India) needs are:

1. Honest and Responsive Government

2. Better infrastructure (Better Roads, Transport, and Power supply)

3. Access to clean water and sanitation

4. Security and Protection for the People against violent crimes.

5. Better Job Opportunities

6. Affordable and Nutritious Food

I have explained the reasoning for my choices below:

Honest and Responsive governments take care of the needs of the people. Our government is not perfect, so are most governments. However, we are not where we would like to be. So that is priority 1. I am not criticizing our government. I understand it is NOT an easy task to govern the worlds second most populated country. It is difficult, but not impossible. Change does not come overnight or even over a month, it takes years. The most important question is, is are we going int he right direction ?  The results of this United Nations survey will answer that and not for me to comment. However, I do believe, developed nations have done so, because of their governments. Their governments never lost sight of the big picture. They did what was best for the country and its people. I believe all we have to do is just follow the lead and adopt most of their policies, while adapting some to meet specific needs.

Better infrastructure (2. Roads, Transportation, Reliable Energy), that provides access to 3. clean water and sanitation. Better infrastructure increases the rate of progress and development. Proper choice of renewable energy will even take care of the world’s climate problem. The current transportation and energy sector does not meet the requirements of a substantial part of our population. We need to build a transportation and power industry that can serve the country for the next 25-30 years at the least. Right now we are 10 – 15 years behind, in this area.

4. Protection against crime and violence — India is seeing increasingly violent crimes against women and underprivileged. This needs to change. We need more policemen who are more honest, responsible, compassionate, and assertive to their duties.

5. Better Job Opportunities. With the rate of population growth, India has to be able to offer opportunities to its citizens. People are the resources of India, however other natural resources (6. affordable and nutritious food) are limited. We have to find a way to balance those. Again, it is not impossible, we just have to improvise new policies that can do it (more on this subject later.)

I have not selected important priorities like

7.  Education. I do agree that education needs to be reformed to make it affordable, teachers to be more qualified and well compensated) and other priorities. However, we do have an education system that addresses basic, life-saving skills. Still, we have to improve our college education system to be ranked among the top universities in the world. More on this topic, will soon follow. Stay tuned.

8. Better healthcare. India has one of the most affordable health care in the world even better than developed nations,

What do you folks think ? Comment below and go voice your priorities at

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