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Top Priorities for a Better World (

“Makkal Theerpae Mahesan Theerpu”, i.e., the judgement of the people is equivalent to God’s judgement. But, when it comes to what is good for our country and the world, it has been really difficult to reach consensus. This is changing, … Continue reading

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Mass killings, Parenting, Society, Love, and Kindness

Mass killings in the United States have dominated the past four months. First the mass murder at the theater in Aurora OR, then the temple in Oak Creek WI, Now the mass-killing in Newtown CT. It is heartbreaking and scary. … Continue reading

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Understanding The Reason for Republicans Loss in the Presidential Elections and its Relevance to the Current Financial Crisis

It is important for the Republicans to know why they lost in this past presidential elections. It is important for John Boehner and the other Republicans in the house to know, as they could save this country from the looming … Continue reading

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Application for Anode Hydrogen Exhaust for a DFC-300 Fuel Cell – Bit I did for the Student Hydrogen Design Contest

1. Basis: The total hydrogen produced by the DFC300 and Water Gas Shift (WGS) reactor is estimated to be 138.72 kg/day. 2. Current Scenario and Future Prospect A major part of the current hydrogen market includes ammonia synthesis, methanol synthesis, … Continue reading

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Global Warming a.k.a Reap What You Sow

Global warming has been here for a while now. We are feeling the heat and it is getting hotter as days go by. Longer summers and shorter winters are here. Yet, it is amazing how many politicians believe that it … Continue reading

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NBA Finals – 2012, What’s wrong with LeBron, D-Wade and the Heats !?!?!

They need no rotation, they need no awesome self-imposing coach, they need nothing. They have all it takes to win it. Yet they still lose again, why ? I reinstate. Yes nothing or none can beat the deadly LeBron / … Continue reading

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Better India… The Purpose, The Need, The Journey…

(Hello Everyone, this is my first post. Subjective and objective criticism are welcome.) Change is inevitable. Not only is this common knowledge but this is a universal truth. Accepting it or not, does not change it. So, I am not … Continue reading

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